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United Kingdom
My Out of Body Experience.

On one particular night, I remember going to bed feeling wide awake. I had to share my father's bedroom because we were a large family with very little room. I had a single bed and my father slept alongside me in his own double bed.

I went to bed in the normal way, but I do remember feeling wide awake that night. My father was fast asleep and I was lying on top of my sheets on my bed. The bedroom was dimly lit by a street lamp outside, It was a first-floor maisonette with curtains to the window that were very thin which allowed light to come into the room very easily. I had my eyes open looking at the wall in front of me with my head slightly raised on the pillow.

I kept staring at my bedroom wall in front of me, then after a short while, the strangest thing started to happen to me. I suddenly realised that I was no longer staring at the wall, but instead, I was being drawn upwards towards my bedroom ceiling. I remember feeling some dizziness, then after this feeling, there was a sense of like ~what am I worried about, then I started to get other feelings such as love and feeling very safe, I felt very happy indeed. I was then levitating close to ceiling level leaving my own physical body below me. I couldn't see my body below because I was in a horizontal position looking upwards at the ceiling above, I was not scared, rather, I felt just the opposite, completely fearless!
Suddenly, I was being drawn backwards towards my neighbour's wall, I was still in this horizontal position looking upwards, now very close to ceiling level.

Richard, I felt I was the same size as the physical body below me that was lying on the bed, I was thinking exactly the same way as you do when you're inside the physical body, the only difference I felt was a feeling of weightlessness, followed by no fear whatsoever.

So! back to what I was telling you, I was going backwards now with my head coming towards the bedroom wall, I was fully expecting to bang my head as I approached it, but this didn't happen. I was still looking upwards, when suddenly, I was no longer in dim lighting, Instead, I was in complete darkness. The reason for this was because I had just passed through my bedroom wall and was now looking upwards into the cavity wall where there was no light whatsoever. This lasted for maybe a second or two, then suddenly, I was surrounded by bright light. Remember, I was still looking upwards in a horizontal position. Seconds later, I saw that the bright light was coming from a rather large light bulb on the ceiling above me with no shade on it.

I believed I was now looking at my next door neighbour's ceiling because of the short distance I had travelled through the wall, then at this point, things started to get really weird!

Whilst I was levitating, I turned my head to the right side of me and there to my amazement, I saw a large brown wardrobe to the side of me, I then turned my head to the left side of me and here I saw another similar wardrobe, I continued to keep turning my head further left, and in doing so, I could see a single bed with a man sat up reading a book, he had spectacles perched on the end of his nose, I recognised this man to be my next door neighbour, Tony. The room was brightly lit and I could see everything in the room very clearly, there was no sound because he was just reading this book.

Richard! because I felt so normal, I thought that my neighbour could see me and probably start shouting at me, I know this sounds daft, but I felt so normal, I felt that I was solid as you would be in your physical body.

Obviously, he could not see me as he simply continued to read his book. I could see shoes on the floor by the side of the bed, I also noticed a small bedside cabinet with curtains at the back of it in the colour of blue, there was also a blue coloured sheet on the top of his bed.

I wasn't thinking about my physical body in the other room, because I realised that the "real me" was here in my neighbour's bedroom, I wasn't scared or anything, I felt fantastic and disconnected from my physical body in the other room, I had no memory of my physical body anymore because I simply didn't feel any earthly connection to it or any retaining memory of it whatsoever.

Suddenly, I realised that I was being drawn feet first back through the same wall I had just come through, I was still in a horizontal position looking upwards, then as my feet approached the wall, they just passed straight through it, there wasn't any resistance from the wall as my feet entered it. I didn't seem to have any control over my spirit as it was going back through the wall again, it just carried on by itself. Whilst I was going back through the wall, I experienced this darkness again, I still believe this was due to me looking up into the cavity wall again as I passed through it, as before, it seemed like one second of complete darkness, before I encountered the dim lighting of my own bedroom, I was still in a horizontal position, but now staring up at my own ceiling on the other side of the wall.

Then from this staring upwards, the next thing I remembered, was getting drawn down to my physical body below at very high speed, when I made contact, there was this almighty jolt like I'd just been electrocuted, this jolt then flung me into a sitting position followed by great difficulty in breathing properly, my heart was racing so fast, I thought I was having a heart attack because of the pain in my chest, but after a short while my breathing regulated, and came down to a comfortable rate, then having calmed down, I was then left thinking, what in the world had just happened to me.

I retained a "very good memory" of what I saw that night, I was so excited by what had just happened, that it left me unable to sleep that night, I was desperate for daylight to arrive.

Around 9 o'clock, I went round to my next door neighbour's flat, I knew the tenants very well as they were good friends of the family. When my neighbour came to answer the door, I said to Phyllis, " Is there any chance of me looking in your upstairs bedroom,? " She replied," What for? " I said, " Last night I came out of my body and went into Tony's bedroom, ". she said, " What the hell do you mean?". I said, " I can't explain it, but please can I just take a look? she replied, "Tony doesn't allow people into his bedroom, but, he's gone to the shops at this moment, so if you are very quick, you can take a look."I said "Thank you!" and went up the stairs to his bedroom door. Phyllis trusted me as I had known her for a very long time. Outside the door, I crossed my fingers and prayed that everything would be as I saw it the previous night.

Inside the room, the very first thing that I saw was this large brown wardrobe, followed by this single bed, and then this secondary wardrobe, everything was in the same position just as I had seen that night, I noted the blue sheet on the bed, followed by these blue curtains, I then looked up at the ceiling above and noticed the large light bulb (with no shade on it), the bedside cabinet was also there, the only thing that I couldn't see were the shoes, I concluded that Tony would be wearing these to go to the shops.

So, all the things in the bedroom were in the same position, and the bedcover and curtains were of the same blue colour I had seen that night. This then confirmed to me that you do not die and that there's no such thing as death, only to the physical world, not the spirit world. I was so happy, you could "never" begin to understand how this made me feel when I confirmed to myself what I had seen in that bedroom. I felt like break- dancing, I was speechless and uncontrollably happy, personally, I do not need any more proof than this.

There is a big difference between my out of body experience and people that say they were transported to a heavenly place through a tunnel, the difference being they are very unlikely to revisit the space that they went to after they arrive back from the brink of so-called death, this then leaves them never knowing whether it was a dream or not.

In my case, however, I was able to revisit the place and confirm what I had seen, this then left me 100% percent certain that you do leave your body behind and continue existing after so called death.

I wish that I could do something to stop people worrying about this death nonsense because I believe they are worrying over nothing. People should be celebrating funerals as they do in China. sadly, most people don't understand, they think that death spells the end.

There doesn't seem to be anything I can do other than tell the truth about my experience and trust people to make their own judgement, my message to everyone is... "Too "stop" worrying, because these are "definite facts" what I've told you"!

Written by Darren Felon

Birds in a flap!

I've written this true short story I wanted to share with you below... read on.

This is a true experience I had in my late twenties, listen up!

I remember one particular afternoon when I was living with my girlfriend, that I felt a little tired that day, and wanted an afternoon nap, but before I could do this, I said to Joanne, this being my girlfriend at the time, "could you put those two cockatiels in the box-room for me and cover them up so as to be able to get some sleep from their constant squawking" she replied "okay"!

The reason for putting them in the box-room instead of leaving them in the living-room, was because our living room carpet was too thick, so we couldn't close the door properly to shut out the noise from the birds!

The box-room wall was the adjoining wall of my bedroom, So off to bed for my nap I went. I'd only been in bed five minutes when suddenly I heard this almighty crash!

I through myself forwards wide-eyed from a lying position in shock of this massive bang, then looking towards the bedroom doorway, I saw two brightly coloured yellow birds clung to the "inside" of my bedroom wall, and within seconds they'd disappeared!

So I then leapt out of bed to go and investigate this very loud bang, when I got there, I saw Joanne my girlfriend, stood with this birdcage on the floor.

I asked her what had happened here, she replied, "I was trying to hang the birdcage on the stand but somehow missed the hook it hangs on, which made it crash to the floor".

The bottom of the cage was split from the impact of the hard floor, the birds, which were the same brightly yellow coloured birds, I'd just seen moments early on the other side of the wall, were now happily squawking again inside their cage, they'd both left their physical bodies temporarily from the shock of this powerful impact, and in doing so, projected their physical images on the other side of the wall.

They could have been green frogs clung to my side of the bedroom wall my friends, but that wasn't the case here, they were the same "identical" yellow birds within that cage, and when you've seen something that convincing, you'd be a madman or woman to think otherwise!

Now that's something you don't see every day, but it did happen my friends, and I saw them very clearly indeed, I can remember this like it was yesterday!

Cockatiels are (extremely) nervous birds, which made them leave their physical bodies temporarily, they still project the same image they were in life, nothing changes about your outer projected image to a physical being, after so-called death, and you still retain the "same character" you were in life!

Darren. :)

If you were a thief in your past life, wouldn't it make good sense to have something stolen from you in this lifetime?

What goes around comes around, the sooner you take this to be a fact, the sooner your lives will improve!

(It's Universal Justice) the Natural law of attraction.
Everything is vibrating energy on a frequency. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so like attracts like, including your thoughts, because they too are energy. Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its match. Get out your vision board!

If you're left to continue to do wrong, the definition of wrong will then become the definition of right, "unknowingly", thus creating an imbalance within your spirit and outer you, that leads to ill fate, sickness, and eternal failure!
None Visible Magnetic Emanation.

All thoughts whether supposedly good or bad, are emanated out from the inner you to the whole universe to receive without you even knowing this!

This emanating thought transmission from the inner you, is like iron filings to a magnet, it connects with the same or similar compatible essence, as the transmitter itself, this being you. Do you understand this?

The definition of this Heaven and Hell is carried within oneself by the way we act and think towards others, once you start to realise this, you'll then become free of your own self-created miseries in life.

Anything done in life for some kind of "reward" in a Heavenly space, will "never" fruit.

I'm not saying the "many countless spirit realms" don't exist, they most certainly do, but, within these realms you will find "separation" of spirit essence, simply because all emanated sources of core essence, are "not" the same compatibilities, thus segregating them into different spaces of it's own kind within the many realms, do you understand this?

Here on earth and in the countless spirit realms, you "can't" be around something supposedly bad, without it emanating from your inner self firstly, you'd "only" be around someone of a "similar" compatible nature to oneself, it's not universally possible to connect a supposedly wrong, with a supposedly right, that would be like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet, they'd be going in the opposite direction to you. Do you understand this?
Hot and cold will always produce steam, Yin and Yang.
This is how the universe works, it's a "foolproof inner system", how can anyone fool their inner self? it's not possible to fool yourself because you and I and everyone know within, whether it's a true or false emanated essence going outwards to the universe! Do you understand this?

It's like a reflection in a mirror, the essence you project outwards, is coming straight into your path frame whether you like it or not!

Until "you've identified" supposedly wrong reflections within yourself, by looking at others around you, to find your own bad reflections within them, then it's very unlikely you'd make "any" supposedly good progress in life until you clearly identify your own wrongs within them. Do you understand this?

If you try stepping out of line with positive Universal magnetism to live a negative one, for example... to have tarnished morals, cruelty, or to hate your fellow man, then this will ultimately have very serious unimaginable consequences that will follow this inner wrong magnetic choice.

if you interfere by trying to soften a loved ones magnetic learning process, this again is trying to bend universal magnetism in their favour, and will "always" fail on your part and theirs if their not in line with universal law themselves, you can't force their earthly victory, "even for the love of them", into a higher vibrational magnetism, that they may not even possess.

All this info is given to me spirituality, and "will" resonate within you, because it's the truth.

You need to be on the outside looking in on this world's buffoonery, like a spectator, in order to learn from one's mistakes, not on the inside looking in, like the everyday self-deluding ego norms, wearing a blindfold and earplugs.
There's nothing supposedly good or bad in life, but thinking makes it so.

Pain and pleasure are given "existence" of the inner mind.

"Good and Bad" are made up by the earthly norms, to identify earthly order and disorder, it's "not" something that truly exists in the spirit realm!

"Similar or same" secret skeletons within you, will be present within "all" your family members or contacts, including me, it's just something their not likely to share with you openly, through fear of earthly judgement.

There is "no" mother, father, brother son or daughter in reality, "only" compatible traits of the "same or similar" source.

Mother father, son, are only ways in which the earthly norms identify one another, it "not" something that "truly" exist in the spirit world, we are "all" completely separate "only" because of "free-will" that changes our inner vibrational speeds, which then in turn starts to affect our inner magnetic core essence, thus projecting our outward good or bad nature souls from within, but vibrationally we are "all" the very "same" in truth, it's just that free-will leads to foolish ego, that hinders us all from purity, through poor enlightenment.

Slower inner vibration is tarnished and more earth-like, whereas fast is more of purity.

The ones in your life you have regular contact with are the ones you are most compatible with, "including" family members, and those that are more distant, are your lesser compatibles.

So look at the closest people in your life today, because these are the strongest reflections of your "true" inner core essence, "however they may act".

This inward self-vibration is what transcends you into the "correct" higher or lower realms of enlightenment, the slower the vibration becomes through wrongful free-will, this then starts to tarnish your inner self, if you let ego get the better of you... whereas the higher you are vibrationally, caused by inner "awareness", the more you become of purity, "if" you don't buy into this ego earth nonsense, that corrupts our inner self, through lifelong constant desire of the wrongs. Do you understand this?....

In other words, the more you buy into this wrongful ego earth nonsense, the more you will be slowing down your vibrational inner self, thus creating a self-devastating imbalance that is destined to fail in life, our failing history of this "false" ego proves this fact.

We are self-deluding ourselves through fear of rejection from society, or getting looked upon as a "so-called" failure by the public norms.

Open higher vibrational weakness is a great strength, whereas as a slower vibrational facade ,will "always" bring an inevitable downfall at some point in one's life.

Everything is vibrating energy on a frequency, vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other, so "like attracts like", including your thoughts, because they too are energy. Consistently focusing on a particular thought or idea attracts its match.
I hope this gives you some guidance to free yourself from life's "self" created miseries!

You're the decider in life, make your choices my friend!

Freedom is a state of mind, it's not a location.

I'm sharing my knowledge to set you free!

Look in the mirror and say these words "truthfully" below to yourself.

Could I live in a world full of people like myself, that act like me, and think like me, and do all the things that I do from this day onwards, and be totally happy with that eternally? yes you heard me right, I said eternally.

Very few if any worldwide could say "yes" to the above, unless they were getting something out of their yes statement that fulfils their own desires!

The reason why I'm most certain about this is because this is a "controlled" predator world level that you come into with few or many setbacks to deal with!

What I mean by a controlled predator world is that it needs to be constantly policed to try and keep earthly order.

Selfishness on some level is within us all here on this controlled predator level, otherwise, you just wouldn't be here, period!

Ask this question within, and selfishness will be identified at some level within you, just check your actions and you'll find it!

Not been able to say "yes" to any of the above, will keep you from "real freedom", and in chains eternally until you can address your dislikes about yourself, I'm deadly serious about this!

It would "only" be desire of something, that's making you say "yes", take the fruits "completely" out of life, then "real human reality" steps back in, taking you back to the controlled predator world stage. do you understand this?

Ask the mirror question within any group of a good understanding age, and I'll guarantee that the majority of the group would say "no" if they were telling the "whole truth", and not just saying it to look special in some way amongst the others, plus, the small part of the group would only be saying "yes" through desiring to be different, but that's only their ego talking!

We are living out our ego, destroying this ego "nonsense" within, that lead us into this controlled predator world in the first place, is the key to "real freedom", of a dimension that you and i and everyone else, couldn't even begin to comprehend!

I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about below!

Human nature!

If you and your mother, father, were drowning in the open sea next to one another, he, she, would become no more than a grab tool to get to the surface for your own survival, [mother father] wouldn't be a thought in your head, (only survival) would matter at that very moment in time. Same applies to yourself, you'd become a grab tool for their survival, it's human nature in action!

The "real" us would rise to the surface with emanating anger, if our comfort zones got disturbed in anyway whatsoever, fact! Religious beliefs would then become no more than "just words" at that very moment in time!

When push comes to shove, the good old civilised? human being doesn't have any problems in doing this!

Stop deluding yourself!

If truth was an object, it would take up very little space on this earth!

Live your life for "you", not for someone else's likes!

Secrecy is self-imprisonment to the inner you!... fact

I myself am trying my hardest to free from wrongs because I simply feel uncomfortable living in this low-level predator world, I don't wish to return here period, I'm tired of being a sheep, that follows the human norms!

True happiness starts from within, how can anyone like us, if we don't even like ourselves?

If we can't forgive others, then why should they ever forgive us?

We are our "own judge and jury" in life, that reaps it's own "accurate" earthly verdict, in the "so called" ending of life.

If words of compliment are not really meant, why even say them?

Speaking our mind will free us from self-mental imprisonment!

Even a whisper is heard if it's "truly" meant!

One word of truth is better than speaking a lifetime of lies!

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity within oneself!

Falsity hinders personal spiritual development!

We only have one lifelong friend, and that is "self".

There is "no" yesterday or tomorrow, only the "now" is us!

So we think, so it becomes.

The finger of blame should be pointing back at oneself.

We are all eternal consciousness having an earthly experience.

The so-called future is always in the very "now".

Cemeteries are full of those have a go heroes, pitiful medals indicate nothing more than unnecessary loss of lives.

One of the most common misconceptions in life is that what we did yesterday has to somehow dictate what we can be or do today.

Most people just read my info then come away no wiser, why? simply because they cannot live by this enlightenment, or, fail to even understand just what I'm teaching them here!

The only person that could take this information on board, is a person that wants "real change" within their lives, and care not what the earthly norms may think about them!

Who cares what they think, so I'm going to start listening to all these unenlightened norms that don't care about me in any way? no, thank you!

What makes more sense to you, the norms way of living with a failing history trailing behind them? or, what I've just told you?

I think its a no brainer!

If you tell the truth, it becomes part of your past.
If you tell a lie, it becomes part of your future.
Liars always get caught out, because they can't keep their stories straight from who they told what lie to who.
Healing prayer.

My body and all its organs, were created by the infinite intelligence within my subconscious mind, It knows how to heal me, it's wisdom fashioned all of my organs, tissues, muscle, and bone. This infinite healing presence within me is now transforming every cell of my being, making me whole and perfect. I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place at this time, wonderful are the works of the creative intelligence within me.

If none of what I write doesn't apply to you, then I won't be expecting a disagreeable reply, because you simply wouldn't be on earth to do that!
Free yourselves, hear and see the truth of these linked documentaries!

(Wake Up Call Remastered Edition) copy and paste the link below!

And this one below.

------♥♥------PUT THIS
---♥♥---♥♥---ON YOUR
---♥♥---♥♥---PAGE IF
---♥♥---♥♥---THANK YOU

Favourite genre of music: opera-soul pop
Favourite photographer: Me lol
Favourite style of art: Sky shots.
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Fred Flintstone.


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